The energy market is rapidly evolving as we transition to more low-carbon generation and make the necessary changes to adapt our power network and infrastructure.

As a result, the UK energy network requires major investment to decentralise and handle more intermittent and diversified renewable generation.

New government policies and regulations are being introduced to drive this low-carbon transition. To understand the latest changes and how these will impact your business – both from a cost and regulatory perspective – contact our Policy team at npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ.

Blue sky thinking – cut the red tape and turn policy on its head

In this episode of our Future of Business Energy podcast series, we discuss past, present and future energy policy with Caroline Bragg from the ADE.

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Targeted Charging Review (TCR) explained

Join our webinar on Ofgem’s TCR. Our experts will talk you through Ofgem’s decision to change the way consumers pay for the residual element of transmission network and distribution charges, with a key focus on how these changes are likely to impact large business consumers.

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Policy Impact blogs

Read our latest blogs on the impacts of policy changes. Our experts discuss topics such as the reform of network charging, changes to embedded benefits arrangements and more.

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