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Our range of monitoring solutions is designed to fit around your business requirements and give you a clearer understanding of how and where you consume energy and your levels of emissions.

Intelligent Analytics is an intuitive, easy-to-use but highly-informative energy management system designed to help break down your Half-Hourly (HH) data for detailed consumption/carbon analysis and put you on course to mitigate rising costs.

If you're looking for a more granular understanding of your energy consumption/emissions and other utilities, in:site is our market-leading monitoring and operational efficiency system.


Intelligent Analytics: Manager

Intelligent Analytics: Manager

Perfect for customers who need more advanced energy management. You can create virtual sites to pinpoint specific areas of concern  use bespoke alarms and targeting to exert more control over how much energy you use. 



For customers who want complete control over energy consumption and other measures. in:site is our market-leading monitoring and operational efficiency system

Real time reporting enables immediate action to be taken that can save energy, time and money.



Find out more about our market-leading monitoring and operational efficiency system in:site.

Our monitoring technologies at a glance

Features and functionality of our monitoring systems:

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