At Energy HQ, we remain committed to supporting our customers during unprecedented, challenging times and understand that some businesses may have to temporarily close, such as retail stores, or offices in periods of shutdown or reduced capacity.

To support your business, we are offering a new threshold alarm so that you can monitor your kilowatt hour (kWh) usage during this period, with a standard kWh threshold across your entire portfolio. The alarm can be set to a half-hourly granularity, triggering at 5pm daily via email. 

The output of the alarms would be in a CSV format and contain the following information:

      • Column A – Site name
      • Column B – Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)
      • Column C – Date
      • Column D - Time
      • Column E – Actual kWh value (the actual kWhs used in the period above set threshold)

The Intelligent Analytics alarm is available at no additional cost to all existing customers and requires the data to be in the Intelligent Analytics platform. Please note that having a Half-Hourly Data Collection (HHDC) contract is also a requirement.

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in:site is our market-leading monitoring and operational efficiency system.

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Smart Meters

The UK government has mandated that all energy suppliers must take all reasonable steps to install Smart meters in qualifying customer’s premises by the end of 2020.

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