If you want access to timely and accurate data about your energy consumption, our Metering Services team offer a full range of services. From managing, upgrading and installing your meters to offering innovative new monitoring technologies, they can handle the full range of metering requirements.

Metering technology

We provide a complete end-to-end service which includes meter upgrades, new installations, meter operation, data collection and aggregation plus meter maintenance. You don’t have to be a supply customer either – we are fully accredited to work with all energy suppliers and meter agents.

Our comprehensive metering services include:

  • Full national coverage and guaranteed service levels
  • The very latest in metering and communications technology
  • A choice of leased or purchased metering equipment
  • Dedicated project management by qualified engineers
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Expert resolution of faults
  • Accurate invoicing data
  • Full Meter Operator, Data Collection and Data Aggregation services

Monitoring technology

In addition to fulfilling your metering requirements, we can ensure you can turn your consumption data into meaningful information to help you better monitor and manage your consumption.


Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics is our monitoring and targeting platform that can enable you to track, analyse and manage your energy consumption more effectively. It’s fully customisable, so you can create bespoke reports to suit your needs. Plus you can set alarms and identify targets that support better energy management and cost savings.

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For customers who want complete control over energy consumption and other measures, in:site is our market-leading monitoring and operational efficiency system. It provides real-time reporting to make consumption visible, and enabling immediate action to be taken that can save your business energy, time and money.

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Smart meters

The UK government has mandated that all energy suppliers must take all reasonable steps to install Smart meters in qualifying customer’s premises by the end of 2020.

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Mandatory metering services

A fully inclusive end-to-end service, from meter installations and upgrades, to ongoing maintenance, data collection and aggregation.

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