If you generate energy, or you would like to start, our dedicated team of experts can help. Whether you are a generator or an investor in renewables, the Market Access Services Team here at npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ (nBS, EHQ) can offer support to help you get as much return from the process as possible.

Whatever your generation type, we have got a product that could help. Whether you are experienced or not, we can create bespoke contracts tailored to your needs that help you get the most from an ever-changing market.


And if you choose renewable sources like wind, solar or biomass, you will be on the path to supporting the UK’s 2050 Net Zero goal. What's more, it is possible that your business will qualify for renewable energy certificates, and we can help you maximise the commercial value of these.

Why use npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ, for your PPAs

    • Market Access Services - our bespoke solutions, from the Market Access Services team, include access to Ancillary Services and the wholesale market to ensure you receive maximum return from your generation assets

    • Quick invoicing and payments – we are able to issue your invoices and complete payments quickly

    • Transparency – accurate, transparent invoices

    • Market intelligence – our award-winning Optimisation Desk combines market expertise with market intelligence to help future-proof your generation strategy

    • Policy support and guidance – our experts will champion your interest in government consultations around changes in policy, and can help you navigate changes in policy that impact the generation market

    • Certificate management - we provide support to manage your renewable certificates

Key milestones in generation transformation

In less than ten years, we’ve moved from large-scale coal, gas and oil plant supplying 80% of our national power demand to a far more decarbonised, diversified and decentralised model of generation.

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Our award-winning Optimisation Desk

The Desk provides an award-winning service to businesses transacting with the wholesale market whether buying energy, selling energy or participating in demand management schemes.

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Market Access Services

An integrated approach to maximising value from your Power Purchase Agreements. Demand management activity and Flexibility trading. We provide end-to-end support, and bring together our consultancy services & flexibility expertise in a holistic solution.

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