In response to customer demand, we became the first UK supplier to develop a specialist energy management education programme.

Our Energy Managers Qualifications (EMQ) cover a full range of requirements, from general awareness building to the complete Energy Manager role.

As well as equipping your staff with practical skills they can use every day, these courses are designed to inspire cultural change that can support your business’s journey to Net Zero, as well as translating into significant savings to your bottom line.

All the training is delivered by experienced experts with a proven track record in successful energy management, and the flexibility to cater to your company’s individual requirements.

Each course is also accredited by the Energy Management Association (EMA) and the Low Energy Company (LEC).

Why use EMQ to upskill your staff?

  • Inspire energy saving behaviour to reduce consumption, costs and carbon emissions

  • Build in-house energy management capability and receive full apprenticeship funding for EMQ Expert*

  • All our courses are independently accredited by the EMA

  • EMQ is fully customisable and can be tailored to your branding and incorporate case studies specific to your organisation

  • Get certified as a Low Energy Company through encouraging your employees to take part


Our Qualifications

EMQ Foundation
EMQ Champion
EMQ Expert

EMQ Foundation

A short online course to provide employees with a greater awareness of energy issues and conservation.

Suitable for everyone, the course covers three main topics:  global warming, energy efficiency, and waste management.

EMQ Champion

A classroom-based course designed for staff who are keen to take greater ownership of energy efficiency and promote the benefits throughout their organisation.

The Champion level is designed to be specifically customised and delivered to your employees at your site(s).

EMQ Expert

Covering the same syllabus as the government’s funding-accredited Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship*, this course can be taken as a complete programme, or in individual modules to upskill staff, as required. 

EMQ Expert covers the full range of energy management skills: understanding data, identifying energy savings, benchmarking, setting targets, procurement, carbon management and much more. Most modules are classroom based.


*EMQ Expert is a fully approved Trailblazer Apprenticeship. Businesses can receive up to £9,000 of funding from the Strategic Funding Agency

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