Our education and behavioural change solutions help your business to develop an energy-saving culture to underpin long-term savings in your organisation.

People are integral to energy consumption and targeting the behaviour of your employees is a key way to maximise savings and reduce your business's emissions. That's why we've developed a market-leading approach to behavioural change grounded in psychological concepts and interventions. As the first big supplier to offer carbon psychology – supported by the UK’s first carbon psychologists – we can offer a truly unique and effective solution for your business.

If you are serious about demonstrating your commitment to energy efficiency, we have also developed a suite of externally-accredited training courses that can be fully customised to suit your organisation. Our tiered Energy Management Qualifications (EMQ) can raise awareness across your whole business and can also even be used provide the basis to train the next generation of Energy Managers within your workforce.

Carbon Psychology

Our first-to-market proposition combines insights from psychology and behavioural economics to identify the most effective energy-saving interventions to introduce to your workforce.

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Energy Management Qualifications

These cover a full range of training requirements, from general awareness building to the complete Energy Manager role.

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At Energy HQ, we have an extensive track record in achieving various energy and environmental certifications, and we can help you do the same.

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