Solving the behavioural change challenge - how to encourage everyone in your business to become an energy champion

According to independent research, businesses could significantly improve energy management by embedding Carbon Psychology in staff behaviour. Currently, just 18% of energy savings in UK industry come from behaviour change – far lower than what is actually achievable.

Although the UK is relatively energy efficient compared to other countries, it has performed strongly in raising energy efficiency amongst households. Industry, on the other hand, has slowed since 2007.

It is estimated that £600 million of potential savings could be achieved by businesses actively fostering behavioural change among their employees. Around a half of this could be achieved by Industrial and Commercial businesses (I&Cs).

The greatest scope for savings lie in wholesale and retail (£120 million), manufacturing (£64 million), administrative and support services (£69 million) and professional, scientific and technical (£55 million).

While this sounds positive in principle, the question of ‘how’ still remains. In this podcast, we explore the idea of Carbon Psychology and what this means for UK businesses. From exploring successful strategies to promote energy efficiency, to investing in new technologies, increasing the visibility of energy consumption among employees and even encouraging staff to take ownership of energy management, we bring together some of the industry’s leading names to solve the behavioural change challenge.

Lowri Evans, Low Carbon and Behaviour Change Manager at npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ, Paul Crewe, Executive Director at Anthesis Group and Lara Young, Group Carbon Manager for Costain Group, spoke to Julie-Anna Needham.”

Featured Guests
Lowri Evans
npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ

Lowri is an experienced leader at the forefront of behavioural change within the energy industry. As a Carbon Psychologist at npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ, she is committed to advancing the field of behavioural change by using innovative approaches and applying hard behavioural science to industry. In her role, Lowri is passionate about helping people, teams and businesses figure out where they are, where they want to be, and helping them to reach their goals.

Lara Young
Group Carbon Manager, Costain Group

Lara’s role is to embed carbon management and drive the delivery of whole life low carbon solutions across the Costain Group. To achieve this she is challenging existing business models and processes to ensure sustainability is designed and integrated into infrastructure systems.

Paul Crewe
Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Offficer, Anthesis

Anthesis is a global sustainability services and solutions provider. Previously Paul was Head of Sustainability, Engineering, Energy and Environment at Sainsbury’s-Argos where he was instrumental in delivering some of the highest Return on Investment (ROI) in Sainsbury’s 148-year-old history through key sustainability investments and technology programmes.


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