Energy is evolving. New technology and the shift towards low-carbon are altering the way businesses function. To help make sense of this changing energy landscape, we have spoken to experts at the heart of the conversation in our new podcast series, ‘The Future of Business Energy’.

You will hear the latest views, ideas and insights from leading industry influencers – Frank Gordon, Renewable Energy Association; Caroline Bragg, ADE; David Penfold, Teal Hippo and more. The impact of emerging technology, how sustainability is driving change and the industry’s most pressing policies are discussed. The skills needed for energy specialists of the future, behavioural change and winning support from the board are also debated. Subscribe now and listen to how these issues and more, affect you and your business.

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Women in energy


In this podcast, we discuss how do we actively include women in the energy transition to ensure that we can meet the challenges and maximise the opportunities that lie ahead, and how can aspiring women equip themselves to play a part, all the way up to the boardroom.

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How sustainability is shaping the energy market of tomorrow


In this podcast, we discuss the changing face of the energy market, the influential role of sustainability and how you can plan ahead to reap the benefits.

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Solving the behavioural change challenge


What does Carbon Psychology mean for UK businesses? In our fourth episode we explore ways to solve the behavioural change challenge by identifying key barriers and discuss successful strategies to promote energy efficiency. 

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Future technology - is this the death of the Energy Manager or the renaissance


What does the future of the energy industry look like? In the third episode of our podcast series, we discuss how technology has the potential to revolutionise energy management.

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Energy specialists of the future – is there a skills gap?


In this episode, we discuss the energy specialists of the future with Dave Horton, npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ and Frank Gordon, Renewable Energy Association.

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Blue sky thinking – cut the red tape and turn policy on its head


In this episode, we discuss past, present and future energy policy with Dan Connor, npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ and Caroline Bragg, the ADE.

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