Building business back greener: The road to Net Zero


Following the Prime Minister’s pledge to ‘build back greener’, and ahead of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s more detailed statement on the economic recovery plans, npower Business Solutions (nBS) consulted with 60 organisations, including manufacturers, professional services firms and the public sector, to assess whether they believed sustainability should form a central part of the proposals.

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Managing energy volume requirements during Covid-19 crisis


As lockdown and social distancing measures cause energy demand to fall dramatically among the industrial and commercial sectors, many businesses are now having to take action to manage reduced energy requirements.

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Covid-19 crisis creating two-sided pressure on energy prices


As global demand for energy plummets due to the lockdown measures operating in many countries, so gas and power markets have dropped to record lows

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First winter all Triads fall before Christmas


National Grid has published its Triad data for the 2019/20 winters season – and for the first time ever, all three of the peak demand periods occurred before 25 December.

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