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Happy new year! Let’s hope 2019 brings us many things to be optimistic about.

Of course, more change and uncertainty are also likely, and especially so in the energy sector.

So if you’re hoping to start the year with some resolutions to support a more robust energy strategy, then we’d like to share some ideas to get you started.

Time to review

Whether you already have a carefully planned risk-management strategy for energy buying/selling or not, now’s a good time to review where you are and whether it’s meeting your objectives.

The market is volatile and complicated, so ensuring you are clear on your business’s risk appetite and that your transacting strategy is clearly mapped out to ensure it’s delivering within budget is especially important.

If you need help, our Optimisation Desk can work with you to review your current approach and suggest ways to align aims with outcome.

They also have products that can help do the hard work for you, such as our Direct Budget Management service, which tracks the market on your behalf to ensure you remain within budget.

Email the team to find out more at optimisation.desk.team@npower.com.

Mind the gap

Is a lack of knowledge holding your business back? Energy management expertise is very much in demand due to a shortage of skills, so it’s quite likely your staff are not equipped to embrace best energy management practice.

As a result of customer demand, we have devised our own range of accredited Energy Management Qualifications that can support staff at any level – from general awareness building for all staff members, through to specialist Energy Manager training, and up to a Masters-level qualification.

Visit www.nbsemq.com to find out more. We take bookings online. And our Foundation e-learning course leads to Low Energy Company accreditation for your business, so supporting any corporate sustainability objectives too.

Get a clear picture

When it comes to effective energy management, having a clear idea of what you’re using, how, where and when is essential.

Having access to all your consumption data in one place is therefore key. For example via an online energy management system. You can then compare site performance, set targets and alarms, work out consumption and cost forecasts and perform other useful analysis to support ongoing efficiencies.

A good system is only half the solution, however. Ensuring you are able to gather the data is also key. So having an automated data flow from Half Hourly or AMR meters is vital – and installing sub metering if you have complex processes or a range of consumption occurring in one location you want to track.

This will ensure you’re equipped to identify any problems and anomalies in near real time and take the necessary corrective action to reduce waste.

Get expert help if required

If like many businesses, you simply lack the time and expertise to instigate a programme of energy efficiency, then get some expert help.

For example, our Energy Management Service can provide an end-to-end solution – from initial audit to identifying all energy-saving options; from assigning you a dedicated Energy Manager to oversee delivery to managing the installation of energy-saving equipment.

Everything is costed and the return on investment calculated upfront. We even offer a guarantee – if all the savings we identify aren’t delivered, we’ll work up to 12 extra months for free, to ensure they are.

More ideas if required

These suggestions are only part of the story.

We also offer Demand Side Response expertise, ESOS support, help to become ISO-50001 accredited, a Carbon Psychology service and more…

So do please get in touch via nBS@npower.com to find out how we can help your business cut energy costs and become more efficient.

For now though, here’s to a happy, resource effective and less costly 2019…

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