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The role of hydrogen in a clean energy future



Net Zero

I often hear people talking about hydrogen as if it’s an either/or choice.

For example, which low-carbon vehicle technology will eventually win out – hydrogen fuel cells or electric batteries.

Elon Musk thinks it will be the latter.

The Tesla founder has gone on record calling hydrogen fuel cells “incredibly dumb” and “mindboggling stupid”. He points to hydrogen being a far less efficient way of producing energy than simply using electricity to charge batteries (and he does have a point, of which more below).

DSR opportunities are increasing



Revenue Opportunities

Uncertainty often breeds stagnation. Businesses, in particular, are reluctant to invest or try new things if the future looks changeable.

Certainly, when it comes to embracing demand side response (DSR), we talk to many organisations who are interested in the opportunities that increasing flexibility around energy use can provide – but are cautious about making any commitment.

However, once we carry a bespoke analysis to pin down how current and future opportunities could translate into savings to the bottom line, they often want to get going immediately.

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