Future Report 2020

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What does the future hold for energy? While it's impossible to know for sure, looking back on how things have evolved can provide useful insight into what's to come - and help businesses decide what support they will need as they navigate a path to Net Zero.

Guide Contents

  1. Going Back to the Future
  2. Looking to the Future: The Immediate Priorities
  3. Looking to the Future: 2030 and Beyond
  4. The Crucial Role of Business
  5. Taking Action: What Businesses can do now
  6. The Business Viewpoint
  7. Planning your Future Energy Journey

"If the last 10 years has told us anything, it is that it is difficult to anticipate what will happen. Nobody could have predicted that the UK would legislate for net zero by 2050, that we would exit the EU, or that the world would grind to a halt due to a global pandemic. However, despite these disruptions, the decarbonisation agenda is only going to accelerate, and business energy users will have a key role to play, whether that is proactively managing their energy use and consumption, or investing in the new technologies that will help make the net zero ambition a reality."

Ben Spry,

Head of Flexibility Services

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