What is Demand Side Response?

As we now commit to a lower-carbon future, more renewable and decentralised generation is coming online. There is also growing demand for electricity, as cars and heating start to move away from petrol, gas and oil.

To accommodate these changes, a smarter grid is starting to emerge, with more flexibility to facilitate a two-way flow – so that supply doesn’t just meet demand, but demand can also adjust to supply.

By reducing demand at peak times – or switching instead to on-site generation – businesses can become part of the solution to balancing supply and demand, without the system operators having to resort to using standby fossil-fuel generation.

DSR Clinic

Visit our DSR Clinic for specialist advice on your energy-related issues. Read our latest blog pieces to keep up to date with the latest developments in DSR.

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Could DSR save the world?

With recent news that global levels of CO2 have reached record highs, the role of DSR as a tool to cut emissions has been getting more attention.

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Your questions answered

Our specialist DSR team answer some frequently asked questions.

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DSR glossary

If you don’t know your DUoS from your PPA, our glossary explains terms relating to DSR.

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DSR, what is it?

Demand Side Response from Energy HQ

Demand Side Response – or DSR for short – can deliver both savings and revenue.

That’s why it’s fast becoming an essential part of energy management best practice. But there’s still a lot of confusion around how DSR works and some common misconceptions.

That’s why we’ve created this site – to explain what DSR is, show how businesses can participate, dispel some common myths and provide tips on the best way for businesses to benefit.

" We at Energy HQ will work with you on your entire end-to-end DSR journey " DAN CONNOR, DSR DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY MANAGER
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Counting the benefits

Find out what DSR could be worth to your business.

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Getting to grips with DSR

Find out how to participate and what this entails.

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Cost Predictor

Try out our Cost Predictor tool to see how much your energy costs are set to grow.

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Ask the experts

Contact a member of our DSR team for an assessment of your business's DSR potential

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