We’ve already trialled many of the tools and techniques that we now offer to our customers through Energy HQ.
Here are some of the benefits we’ve experienced across the npower estate.

      • 63% ↓ Carbon
        This decade, we have reduced carbon emissions from our electricity consumption from 9.5k to 3.5k tonnes (or 63%) – and are now on track to further reduce carbon by another 25% by 2020.

      • 63% ↓ Energy use
        Between 2010 and 2018, we cut our energy consumption from 36.6GWh to 13.6GWh – or 63%.

      • 55% ↓ Energy spend
        Over the same period, we’ve reduced our energy costs from £2.9m to £1.3m.

      • 22% ↓ Market savings
        Compared to our previous fixed-price contract, we have saved between 11% and 22% each year by switching to a Direct Budget Management flexible contract, which is overseen by the Energy HQ Optimisation Desk.

      • 88% ↑ Employee engagement
        Almost 90% of our npower Business Solutions workforce have completed level 1 of our Energy Management Qualifications, enhancing their understanding and awareness of how to use energy more efficiently.

      • 34 Sub meters
        To provide greater visibility of how and where we use energy, we have installed 34 sub meters within our Princes Way site in the Midlands. Consumption data is now updated every five minutes.

      • 6.4% ↓  ISO 50001
        By implementing ISo 50001, our consumption reduced by 6.4% in the first two years solely as a result of the accreditation measures. This equates to roughly £400K in savings.

      • £100k ↑ Demand Side Response
        We have three assets of more than 3MW capacity participating in Energy HQ’s Automated Triad Service and Market Access Service. Over the 2017/18 winter season, this generated around £100k in gross revenue.


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