Here we highlight a selection of our success stories. Read real world examples where we have used our expertise to help customers on their energy management journey. From cutting energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions to using the latest technology to drive efficiencies, download now to learn more about our products and services in action.

How behavioural change is saving Tata Steel’s Trostre site £500,000

Most businesses are aware that behavioural change can deliver energy savings – but understanding how you actually bring that change about can be far more challenging.

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Bristol Water trials new market innovation to cut energy costs

'Make money by doing nothing’ brings up 1,540 million results in Google, as unsurprisingly it is a popular topic. But most people would agree it is not easy to achieve.

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Cutting energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions with Demand Side Response (DSR)

For many large organisations, the period of peak energy demand over the winter season (typically 4pm to 7pm), can be draining, both in terms of consumption and costs.

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